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The Truth about Tesla

The Progress of Science

If you really want to understand something, have Edwin Armstrong explain it to you.

WWI - Wireless in the AEF

Radio Corporation of America

1921 Apparatus Catalog

RCA Apparatus Catalog

RCA Apparatus Catalog - 1 Sep 1921 (28 MB)

RCA Apparatus Catalog - 1 Sep 1921
 (Lo-Res 8.4 MB)

1944 Russian Sales Pitch - A comprehensive catalog of RCA communications equipment.

RCA_Russian_Catalog.pdf      (Hi-Res 27 MB)

    (Lo-Res 8 MB)

Other Documents

Signal Corps Radio Photos - 1943    (51 MB)

This is a very rare  document from the InfoAge Library that contained actual photographs

Radio Frequency Laboratories - 1929

Army Mystery Ray in October 1935 Popular Science